David Chaney

David Chaney is a 40-year old native Texan. He has been traveling to East Africa, and Rwanda in particular, for the past 7 years to work with various NGO’s. He first worked with the Survivors Fund in 2010 and now serves on the board of trustees. He has seen firsthand how SURF is changing lives and making a real difference for survivors. He became interested in cycling about 5 years ago when he weighed more than 300 pounds. After losing over 100 pounds, he decided to combine his love of cycling, his support for the Survivor’s Fund, and turning 40 into a once-in-a-lifetime journey across Rwanda. When he is not on his bike, David works as a Certified Public Accountant. He is married to quite possibly the most supportive wife in the world and they have two children.

Fred Zapalac

Fred Zapalac is a 38 year old avid cyclist that co-owns Blue Line Bike Lab in Houston, TX. Fred believes very strongly in the power of bicycles to change lives, and has used his love of riding to overcome some very personal challenges in his own life and been a witness to more positive transformations brought on by cycling than he can count. The opportunity to travel to Rwanda and be a part of the movement to help survivors of the Rwandan Genocide recover and prosper is deeply appreciated and will no doubt be another life changing event for him, and he is very grateful to be able to harness his love of bicycles into a chance to help others.

Ron Kerr

Ron Kerr is the old man of the group at 53, married to a wonderful woman and has two fantastic teenage children at home. He has enjoyed cycling for over 10 years – primarily all over Houston, Texas but also experienced several excursions in the American West. These bike rides have convinced him that the best way to see the world is from the humble seat of a bike. Ron has also been a quite active volunteer in world-wide human rights issues for most of his adult life. This trip offers a unique opportunity to combine his love of cycling with his passion for global human rights. Ron appreciates this incredible opportunity – cycling with friends, interacting with great people and visiting a lovely part of the world.

Cycling Route

200 miles across the Rwandan mountains starting in Gisenyi, passing through Kigali and ending in Rusumo.